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Conference Objective

To connect with potential strategic licensing and investment partners

Partnership Interests

Exigence is seeking strategic partnerships with multinational companies and VC firms with priorities in advanced materials, surface coatings, food processing, and water purification.

Exigence Technologies

Main Contact

VP, Business Development & Administration

Exigence Technologies

Secondary Contact


Company Overview

Exigence is a biotechnology licensor, developer and process/application consulting firm. Bacteria and viruses cause disease and death in humans and animals, fouling of water and industrial systems, and spoilage of food across the globe, every day. Our composite antimicrobials are platform technologies that can be bonded to textiles, polymers, or used as potent liquid disinfectants to combat these problems. As world experts in and exclusive global licensors of its antimicrobial technology, Exigence is seeking strategic licensing partners and investors active in industries that require high performance microbial control.

  • LSAM
  • Manitoba Government
  • WED