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St. Boniface Hospital Research is a result of the emphasis that both the Hospital and Foundation place on medical research.


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St. Boniface Research Centre

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Bram Ramjiawan
Director of Research

Company Overview

St. Boniface Hospital Research campus, in affiliation with the University of Manitoba, has gained a world-wide reputation for excellence in research. It is supported by the St. Boniface Hospital and Research Foundation, and is operated by funds from research grants and through strong industry-based collaboration.

Generously supported by the St-Boniface Hospital Foundation , the Centre has gained a world-wide reputation for excellence in medical research. Additionally, the Institute has a close partnership with the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority’s Cardiac Sciences Program , which includes Cardiology, Cardiac Surgery, Cardiac Anesthesia, Cardiac Critical Care and Cardiac Rehabilitation, the majority of which is based at St-Boniface Hospital – further evidence of our commitment to translate discoveries into advanced technologies and new treatments.

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